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Revisiting 2013 Resolutions


As this year quickly approaches its end I think it is a good time to reflect on my sustainable resolutions I had hoped to accomplish in 2013.  This is the list: 1. Keep reducing water usage 2. Be better about buying used or local products. 3. Stay away from these companies that were anti-prop 37. […]

Denver Composting


Denver trash and recycling department started a pilot composting program 5 years ago.  In 2014 they are expanding that program to a much larger area in Denver.  I am very happy to say that my neighborhood is in the area that can start participating in the composting program.  We previously composted in our backyard but […]

Guilt and Consumption


Parenting guilt makes me consume more than I normally would and I am sure most parents understand this.  I took my son to Sesame Street Live because I knew he would love it, and he did.  At the show there were numerous options to purchase keepsakes for your kid.  They had shirts, balloons, light-up toys, […]

The Clash of Food


I recently read Michael Pollan’s  newest book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation while also listening to Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss.  These books really show two drastic sides in our food system. Pollan’s book goes into the many ways we can cook our food to make it […]

Thanksgiving and A Reminder About Food Waste

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 Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  It may be because I love good food and cooking it, or it could be because I get to enjoy that good food with friends that care just as much as I do about food.  We start planning Thanksgiving well before November because having a massive feast (and leftovers) […]

New Sport Stadiums


I don’t know if I have stated this before but I am a football fan.  Even though I enjoy watching the sport, it doesn’t mean I am gung ho about everything they promote.  Such as commercials, excess consumption, and the constant battle for the newest and biggest stadium.  I still remember when the Dallas Cowboys […]

What Is So Wrong With Being Used?


It is the beginning of November and I am already done with Christmas shopping; early I know but I have my reasons.  The main reason being I am pregnant and my due date is very close to Christmas.  I wanted to make sure everything was done before December in case someone made an early arrival. […]

Daylight Saving Time


We all experienced the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) this past week, for most people it means getting an extra hour of sleep.  As a parent, it does not mean this at all.  It means your kid wakes up at their normal wake up time and you are wishing for that extra hour of […]

The Cost of Eating Out


I have talked about trash recently but with visitors in town I have noticed a new trash phenomena- the trash from eating out.  Normally we don’t eat out very often because it is expensive and isn’t always the healthiest food.  Yet, when we have visitors in town (often parents) we generally eat out a few […]

From the Ground Up : A Book Recommendation


From the Ground Up: The Story of A First Garden by Amy Stewart is a must read for anyone interested in gardening.  I have talked about gardening a few times before and this book was just what I needed right now.  At the beginning of the season (March/April) I am all excited to plant seeds […]

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