2nd Green Revolution

Which industry provides more jobs – coal or solar?

untitledRecently U.S. Senator Sheldon White made the following comment; “there are already more American jobs in the solar industry than coal mining“.  Is that a true statement?  The Rhode Island Providence Journal ran the numbers and agreed with the senator.  Click here for the details of their analysis and conclusion.

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Schools, Food, and Educating for Sustainability

School garden

There’s been a fair bit of news lately about the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.” Some want to postpone the implementation of the legislation ostensibly to provide more time to get vendors on board and make sure there are enough options. It is understandable the schools are facing reduced student participation now that they have cut back on sugary “milk” drinks and other food products. Ultimately a school’s job is to educate – and at some level keep children safe. Providing unhealthy food accomplished neither. A few years ago celebrity chef Jaime Oliver ventured into the school kitchen and found scratch cooking to be nearly impossible. The idea of “whole” ingredients has became anathema to school meals before I was a student when chalupas and “pizza” were served to hungry hordes of kids.

Safe Routes and School Transportation

Bicycle Trailer with Kids

Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting my kids in the bike trailer and hopping on the bike trail system in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I’d known for a long time that The Twin Cities were considered exceedingly bikeable. As we prepare to depart for warmer climes, I find myself biking the trails increasingly. Sadly it’s hard to have a city be rated number one in terms of bikeability when the weather makes it prohibitive a majority of the year for average riders like myself. However, given the warm weather (and lack of rain), I’ve picked my kids up and dropped them off at school roughly a dozen times over the past few weeks. When I drive them, it takes about 30 minutes from start to finish (leaving our house to pulling into the garage). On the other hand it takes 40 to 45 minutes round trip when I bike there.

Unpaid Internships – Why They May be Going Away


Interesting article in a recent edition of Forbes magazine of why the unpaid internship may be on its way out.  Seems like legal issues may lead to its demise.  Click here to read more.

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Source of Article: Forbes.com


Landscaping with Compost in NYC

Did you know that compost was used in building NYC’s famous High Line, the longest green roof in the world? As part of Global Green USA’s Compost Opportunity Series, we caught up with Kelco, a landscaping and construction company, to hear how they use in compost in NYC projects such as the Highline and the atrium for the New York Times building.

How is compost used in the Big Apple? What makes quality compost? Watch to learn more!

Just How Important is that Internship in Getting a Job?


Internships have almost become de-rigueur in getting a job after school.  But does that internship really matter that much?  This recent article in the Auburn University newspaper The Plainsman takes a look at the numbers.

Source: The Plainsman

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Savor Weekend Wrap Up


Billed as the nation’s preeminent beer and food pairing event in the U.S., SAVOR attracts interest from a large number of breweries from across the nation, many of whose beers are not available in this year’s host city, Washington, D.C. The other attraction of SAVOR is the food, as each of the 156 featured beers is paired with a small-bite hors d’oeuvre by Adam Dulye, Chef/Owner of San Francisco’s, The Monk’s Kettle and The Abbot’s Cellar creates the pairings.  So, to call SAVOR a “beer and food festival” would be a severe understatement.  It truly is an experience that can alter the way you think about beer and food.

The Role of Education in Sustainability


Yesterday I defended my dissertation. While I started by looking at using the campus to teach about sustainability, it quickly became about affecting a culture and institutionalizing sustainability. Sustainability on Campus, from Barlett and Chase, was a valuable resource. I reviewed it several years ago for 2nd Green and it proved a key compendium.

During my defense, a committee member who taught the Sustainability in Resource Management course I took nearly four years ago, asked two questions I want to reflect on further. I have recreated them to the best of memory:

  • How do you foresee education playing a role in educating for strong sustainability?

SAVOR 2014 Preview


Not content with just producing tasty beverages, the craft beer community is continuously striving to elevate beer to the fine-dining beverage of choice.  As recent literature suggests, beer is actually the superior beverage for food pairing due to its wide range of flavors and its palate-cleansing ability.  As such, beer and food pairings are becoming quite popular in the festival circuit, with the most prestigious, SAVOR, being held this weekend in Washington, D.C. For its seventh edition, SAVOR will showcase 76 small and independent American craft breweries from 29 different states, along with a diverse array of food pairings designed by Brewers Association culinary consultant Chef Adam Dulye, co-owner/chef of San Francisco’s The Monk’s Kettle and The Abbot’s Cellar.  More than just beer and food, SAVOR also features a number of educational salons on various subjects including barrel aging, bottle conditioning, and the effects of glassware on beer.    

Happy Birthday Earth

EarthHappy Earth Day everyone.

Enjoy it and take care of it…it’s the only one we get, and it’s the only one we’ve got.

Source: NASA

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