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Green Jobs, Today’s Youth and The Future

An interesting article in the Huffington Post on getting today’s youth more engaged in the climate change movement as it is truly their future that is at stake.  If the future will be driven by  the green economy then our youth should be making the technical advancements.  Read more here.   Source:  Huffington Post Source […]

So What Are The Best Paying Green Jobs?

Ever wonder what the highest paying green jobs are?  A BusinessWeek article ranked the top paying green jobs and included a short job description and the typical qualifications required for each position.   The top  five were: 1. Environmental Engineering Manager 2. Sustainability Director 3. Project Manager, Construction – LEED 4. Program Manager, Environmental Consulting […]

Green Jobs with a Bright, Bright Future

The Huffington Post recently ran an article titled “Best Green Jobs”.  Obviously this is very subjective but still interesting.  The “winners” were; hydrologist, ecotourism, bicycle technician, organic and urban farming.  Actually looks more like two specific jobs; hydrologist and bike technician and two general fields; ecotourism and farming.   The article describes what the job entails, […]

Are you a new grad looking for a green job? These are the cities you should head for;

San Francisco Denver New York City Portland LA Sacramento

5 Years Ago Today 2nd Green Revolution Was Born

Figure Five

With half a decade under our belts, we’ve reached another milestone here at 2nd Green Revolution, and with that, a bit of a turning point. We’ve been fortunate to have a number of writers work with us over the past five years. However, times change and our focus sharpens. With the wonderful posts generated by […]

Even with Renewables, We Can’t Have It All


The law of unintended consequences is fairly well understood when studied in the context of history, economic policy, and even when it comes to the large number of visitors to our national parks, but wouldn’t a world of cheap, renewable energy have unintended consequences of its own? I think this idea is worth considering since […]

Tankless Water Heater, Environmentally Friendly, not Sustainable


A few months back we were approached by a large home improvement chain with the offer of an employee to write an article about tankless water heaters. Since our approach is to generate as much of the content on the site as possible, we suggested they donate one and I’d test it out. The house […]

Interview with OriginOil CEO Riggs Eckelberry

Algae concentrate being pushed onto the "doctor blade" in the Algae Appliance.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to chat with Mr. Riggs Eckelberry, CEO and co-founder of OriginOil, a publicly traded alternative energy company based in Southern California. According to their website, OriginOil “has developed a breakthrough energy production process for harvesting algae and cleaning up oil & gas water.” Mr. Eckelberry and his brother Nicholas […]

Should “Clean” Diesels Count as “Green” Technology? VW Thinks so


While many electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids enjoy hefty federal and state tax credits, Volkswagen Group of America says it’s “not feeling the love” when it comes to government incentives for diesel vehicles. Before you scoff at the notion of incentivizing the purchase of “old fashioned” oil burners, you’ll notice that four VW TDI models […]

Another Vehicular Dilemma: Is a Free Prius Worth It?


Free is good, right? The saying goes “The best things in life are free.”  But for every cliche there is a foil. In this case, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” When my wife and I set out to buy our current car more than 3 years ago, there were several factors that […]

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