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Mother Nature: The Master Innovator (As Usual).


While environmental advocates urge governments to increase limitations on greenhouse gas emissions, scientists all over the world are searching for carbon sequestration techniques to offset what does get emitted. Looking to nature for inspiration has led to innovation in many scientific arenas, and opportunities to let mother nature lead the way towards carbon capture seem […]

Hagel’s Defense Department Can Find a More Agile Military, Even With Sequestration

Though the filibuster of Chuck Hagel has created temporary drama in the Senate, in all likelihood he will become the Secretary of Defense. With this, Hagel stands to continue former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s focus on leveraging renewable energy to power the US military. The Defense Department has a lot to gain by switching to […]

Europe’s Dirty Affair with American Coal

Coal Ship (by Falling Heavens)

As you’re probably aware, natural gas prices in the United States have plummeted in recent times with the development of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” The controversial, but very effective drilling technique has freed a glut of natural gas from shale rock formations, reducing domestic natural gas prices substantially. Between 2009 and 2011, the wellhead price […]

Mini Nuclear Plants May Change the Face of Nuclear Power

As climate change is becoming increasingly accepted in government and business planning, the cost of carbon and other greenhouse gases are making some consider the use of alternative sources of energy. Solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and biomass are some of the most common forms of alternative energy, but nuclear power is still generating much electricity […]

Renewables in the Mix in Japan’s Energy Sector Reforms

In a development with important implications for the future expansion of renewable energy generation and use in Japan, a Japanese government panel on February 8 gave its endorsement to a report outlining a reform of the country’s energy sector regulations, including the end of regional monopolies of energy utilities.  The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry […]

What I’ve Learned about Fuel Cells

ReliOn Fuel Cell System

I recently started working with a non-profit that promotes the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Since joining, I’ve learned a lot about fuel cells so I thought I’d touch on a few broad topics, including: a brief overview of fuel cells and hydrogen, how this technology is being used, and why it shouldn’t be dismissed. In short, a […]

Purchase of A123 Systems by Chinese Wanxiang Group Stands to Make Lots of Money, but Not for the US

The recent purchase of the American company A123 systems by the Chinese company Wanxiang Group is another failure of US policy to make electric and hybrid cars attractive to Americans. A123 was recently in the news because the company filed for bankruptcy as a result of weaker-than-expected sales of electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, even […]

Sustainable Community Development and Disaster Recovery

In the months following the March 2011 earthquake that devastated Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region, Japanese government leaders pledged as part of reconstruction efforts to rebuild several of the most heavily affected towns as “Future Cities” and “eco-cities,” smart communities incorporating cutting-edge renewable energy and environmental technologies.  In addition to making these communities more self-sufficient in meeting their energy […]

Dr. Stephen Chu Steps Down as Head of Energy Department

Stephen Chu

Following the lead of other cabinet officials, Dr. Stephen Chu submitted his resignation from the Department of Energy (DOE). Chu, a former academic from the University of California Berkeley and past winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, stepped down today. He led the DOE during President Obama’s first term in office. Like many other […]

February 2013 Clean Energy and Sustainability Events

Calendar 2

2013 began with the fiscal cliff averted and reinstatement of the Production Tax Credit for renewable energy. Now comes the shortest month of the year, but a busy one nonetheless. There are a few solar energy events in South Africa, a trio of environmentally related ones in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C,  a couple of […]

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