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New Hydrogen Catalyst May Finally Make Stored Renewable Energy A Reality

A common tactic for those opposed to renewable energy is to remind everyone that solar panels don’t produce energy when the sun is down, and wind turbines don’t produce energy when the wind isn’t blowing. Certainly, this is true – meaning there will need to be backup plans to generate energy when renewables are not […]

Cheap Energy and the Future of Renewables

shale gas

I recently read Alan Weisman’s Gaviotas on the bus. Numerous tweets resulted from the first few chapters and now this post. Weisman relates the story of how the 1973 oil embargo and ensuing energy crisis played a crucial role in the attention heaped upon Gaviotas, a settlement in the llanos (savannah) of Colombia. The town […]

Approving the Keystone Pipeline


I am disappointed that the Senate passed approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline construction.  But am I really surprised?  No.  I guess you could say I am pretty pessimistic about the federal government doing anything positive for climate change.  Even though it is non-binding currently, I am sure it will eventually be fully passed and […]

New Effort to Repeal Renewable Portfolio Standards Has Some States Second-Guessing Their Mandates

I have noticed recently that climate change is becoming something that people and companies are preparing for, though it is still certainly the cause for much debate both in public and in the government. There are still many fights being waged over the legitimacy of climate change, with the latest example taking place in Ohio, […]

Obama Takes Steps to Fight Climate Change With and Without the Help of Congress

President Obama appears to be taking steps to fight climate change with and without the help of Congress. This last Friday, March 15th, Obama addressed a crowd at the Argonne National Laboratory, calling on Congress to establish the Energy Security Trust. The trust is to be funded for 10 years by government fees on offshore […]

Book Review: Alan Weisman’s Gaviotas

Gaviotas Cover

Upon finishing the Overture, the preface essentially, to Alan Weisman’s Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, I was a bit depressed. Here was a book about a town in the desolate reaches of eastern Colombia. A town that strived to be an example of sustainable living amongst the harsh conditions of the llanos, savannas […]

Japan Appears to be Returning to Nuclear Power, but Citizens are Resisting

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant in March 2011 moved Japan to cease energy generation from all nuclear power plants in the country, and halt construction of plants being built. For the last two years, Japan has experienced a shortage of energy as a result of the nuclear plant shutdown, but it appears that […]

The World’s Greenest Office Building — A Participatory Act

Bullitt Center Seattle

Seattle is abuzz with the pending opening on Earth Day (April 22) of the Bullitt Center, which is considered to be the world’s greenest commercial building.  This groundbreaking structure incorporates a diverse range of green energy technologies,  sustainable and energy-efficient materials, and creative engineering and designs all intended to make the building’s footprint environmentally neutral.   When fully operational, […]

Solar Industry Appears to be Booming, but Don’t Take Shell’s Word For It

Europe’s largest oil company, Royal Dutch Shell, recently released a new report that looks over half a century into the future and found a surprising outcome: solar may become the world’s largest energy resource. Recent reports from companies including UBS and the Macquarie Group have indeed outlined a promising future for the solar energy industry. […]

Likely Pick for Energy Secretary Brings Fresh Criticism, but Moniz Appears to Continue Trend in Clean Energy

With Steven Chu’s impending departure as the Energy Secretary, talk about his replacement for the Department of Energy has centered on one possible nominee for the job. Ernest Moniz is President Obama’s likely nomination as the next Secretary of Energy, but like Chuck Hagel, some controversy is sure to accompany his nomination. Moniz, 67, has been on […]

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