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Piranha Bite Study Shows Fish Lives Up to Scary Image


Put this in the “nature is awesome” category along with Aleutian Magic. The tiny fish – ranging in size from 20 to 37cm (roughly 8 to 15 inches) – has incredibly strong and oversized jaw muscles that allow it to exert bite force 30 times its body weight. This doesn’t mean that the fish has […]

U.S. Electricity Consumption Flattens Out

high voltage

The once all but certain trend of rising electricity use may now be coming to an end. This may not be good news for electricity companies tied to a business model that depends on growth in electricity consumption (and therefore the need to produce more and get more revenue) but it is good news for […]

Keystone Pipeline Closer to Becoming Reality

SouthDakota17x11 2

Though controversial, I think the Keystone Pipeline should be built. (Eric, of course, reminds me that “not all of us at 2GR agree.”) However, it now looks as though it may actually come to pass. A report released by the state of Nebraska late last week contains the evaluation that the pipeline “could have minimal […]

Japan’s Zipcar

IMG_2078 2

Walking around exploring the new neighborhood (Yoyogiuehara/Komaba) I moved to in Tokyo over winter vacation, I came across what seems to be a Japanese version of Zipcar, the car-sharing service that was recently acquired by Avis. The service is called Times Plus(タイムズプラス; website in Japanese only) and seems fairly similar to Zipcar, with only a few […]

Aleutian Magic. It’s All Connected.

aleutian magic, whales

After finally getting to a point where I feel settled into my new apartment, I spent an hour this afternoon surfing the 10 or so digital TV channels I and everyone else who lives in Japan gets for free. On NHK there was a program titled クジラ対対シャチ Killer Whales vs. Whales, showing incredible video of a […]

Five Friday Facts: Plastic Bags

Figure Five

The following come from Factory Direct Promos, which has the plastic bag ban map. Some of these numbers are actually hard to comprehend, like 1 million bags are used every minute worldwide. It is estimated that 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed each year worldwide – this works out to over 1 […]

Avis to Buy Zipcar


Though I wish they would stay independent and continue to lead the car sharing movement, Zipcar will be bought by Avis rental car company. An offer of $12.25 per share in cash is almost a 50% premium on Zipcar’s stock price and will come to a total buyout price tag of around $500 million. The […]

With Abe Back, Are Reactors Back, Too?

Abe nuclear

A few weeks ago, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) took back control of the Japanese government and named Shinzo Abe Prime Minister. If this name seems familiar, he was Prime Minister for 1 problem plagued year from 2006-2007. This is the same party whose nearly uninterrupted half century in power was resoundingly broken in 2009 […]

Lisa Jackson to Leave EPA


Early next year, Lisa Jackson will step down from her 4 year tenure as Environmental Protection Agency chief. Known for her aggressiveness, she fought long and hard with Republicans looking to curb the Environmental Protection Agency’s powers. She also was instrumental in pursuing the first U.S. greenhouse-gas regulations, though she eventually came up short of […]

Wanted: Map of World’s Renewable Energy


Last week we talked about the worldwide map of power plants. This week we’d like to ask if any of our readers can go one better: create a map of the world’s renewable energy installations. This includes solar(PV, solar-thermal, CSP), wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal, wave, tidal, and OTEC. We’re willing to pay someone to come […]

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