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Five Friday Facts: Brazil

Figure Five

This week we bring you some green facts related to Brazil, host of the World Cup next year and the Olympics in 2016. Brazil has 12% of the world’s amount of surface freshwater. 70% of the country is still covered with original vegetation and 30% of the world’s remaining tropical forests are located there. Around […]

Writers Spotlight: Megan Stilley

Megan Stilley

This week’s featured writer is Megan Stilley. In order to give you a chance to get to know the 2nd Green Revolution writers better, we will be highlighting some of their work and publishing their answers to a small questionnaire. Megan writes often about organic food and has an affinity for minimalist living. Her cannon of […]

Writers Spotlight: Featuring Chris DeArmond (Part 2)

Chris DeArmond

Here is the second installment of Chris DeArmond’s answers to questions the 2nd Green Revolution editorial staff asked him about sustainability. This is part of a new feature we are running to bring you information about our writers. 6) When you go shopping….paper, plastic, or cloth? Why? A: I’m really bad about remembering to bring in […]

Five Friday Facts: 40 Years Alone in the Wilderness

Figure Five

This week’s Five Friday Facts are a bit different. They come from a story in Smithsonian.com about a family living totally isolated in the Siberian Wilderness. It’s hard to believe in this day and age that it could happen, but the family spent 40 years alone with no human contact. Here are a few snippets […]

Writers Spotlight: Featuring Chris DeArmond (Part 1)

Chris DeArmond

Over the next several weeks we’ll be running a new feature to bring you information about our writers. During the course of a week, we will post various trivia and tidbits about the people that bring you news, analysis, and opinion about all that is happening across the wide spectrum of sustainability. The answers to […]

China Unveils Big Renewables Investment Plan for 2013


Perhaps it is the “can’t see 200 yards in front of you” air pollution, or possible political backlash from unaddressed environmental problems, but China just unveiled a major plan to push further into developing renewable energy. It wants to add 49GW of capacity this year, composed of as much as 18GW of new wind power […]

New City in North Dakota Bigger Than Minneapolis. Wait. Nope, It’s Just Gas Flares.

Satellite view of US at night showing North Dakota, home to shale gas, is aglow at night

The Bakken oil fields in North Dakota are releasing so much gas that, according to The Financial Times, oil companies at the heart of the US shale oil boom are burning off enough gas to power all the homes in Chicago and Washington combined. In the photo from space at the bottom of this post, […]

2nd Green Revolution Celebrates Four Years!


On January 25th, 2009 we went live with 2nd Green Revolution. The four years since has been an evolving, exciting ride, and the site continues to be a source of great personal and professional enjoyment. We want to thank our readers and writers past and present, including but not limited to Chris DeArmond, Nick Grue, […]

Five Friday Facts: The 3,200 Year Old “President” Giant Sequoia


The poster from December’s National Geographic of one of the worlds largest trees – President, a member of the Sequoia-denron giganteum species, or a giant sequoia redwood – is now hanging on the wall of my new apartment. The two scientists measuring the tree in the picture barely register among the massive scale of the […]

Japan Studying Ways to Charge EVs While Driving

wireless EV charging

After a year and a half of building on a shaky linguistic base, my Japanese has progressed enough to be able to read the newspaper (thank you ICI). It’s still slow going but reading a newspaper in a foreign language is a great complement to other news sources and brings a nice cultural perspective while […]

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