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Personal Rapid Transport “Pods” Arrive at Heathrow Airport

From Virginia to London, new public transportation options are being implemented around the globe. This summer, the first commercial PRT (personal rapid transit) system anywhere in the world will open at London’s Heathrow Airport. Commissioned by BAA (formerly the British Airport Authority) the system “comprises some 4 kilometers of guideway and will link one station in Terminal […]

Can D.C. Lead the Charge in Shutting Down Coal-fired Power Plants?

Gridlock in Washington. It’s not just the traffic, but the political process that has stalled as evidenced by the debt ceiling debacle and other squabbles. That’s at the federal level. At the city level there has been worry over the change from Mayor Fenty to Mayor Gray and a possible return to DCs not so […]

13 Year Old Makes Solar Panel Breakthrough By Mimicking Nature, Or Does He?

Taking a page from Mother Nature’s instruction book, a young and curious student from New York has built a small tree-shaped solar array (we’ve featured leaf shaped solar panels on the site before) that won him the American Museum of Natural History’s 2011 Young Naturalist Award. You can read his full essay here. In short, Aidan Dwyer figured that trees […]

Virginia’s First Light Rail, “The Tide,” Opens in Norfolk

Build it and they will come, especially if it is free. With the opening of a 7.4 mile light rail system, the crowds were out early Friday in Norfolk, Virginia to test out the new transportation option, The Tide: The Tide is the first light rail system in Virginia and marks the beginning of a new era for […]

Five Friday Facts/Infographic: Obama’s 2035 Energy Goals

Can the U.S. really get 80% of its electricity needs from clean energy sources as proposed by president Obama? We currently get about 50% of our electricity from coal fired power plants, so roughly two-thirds of that coal based energy would have to change to clean energy sources in order to reach that goal. Here’s what it […]

Sign of the Times? Renewable Energy Consumption Tops Nuclear

In March of this year, consumption of energy generated from renewable sources of power exceeded consumption from nuclear power in the United States. This information comes from a recent Department of Energy report. Explaining the result, the report states that “in the short term, nuclear outages coincided with the start of the high-water season for hydropower […]

“Green Curtains” Proliferate in Japan

Another trip to Gunma prefecture, another insight into greener living. In past posts, I’ve mentioned the fact that some households can actually make money each month through selling the solar power generated electricity that they don’t use to the local power company. This time, I was intrigued to see the same household employing what was referred to as a […]

Newsletter Revamp

Now that part of our team has become somewhat settled in Japan, our weekly newsletter has resumed. It has been revamped to highlight our posts. Click here  for a few recent articles, selected authors, and op-eds. Also in the newsletter are energy prices, a phrase of the week, and a picture from rural Japan. Sign […]

We’re 2nd Green Revolution. Wait…So Where’s the Revolution?

The word revolution connotes upheaval, swiftness, displacement, and even violent change. We put revolution in our name when we founded the site because we believe the change happening now is phenomenal and will forever alter our relationship with energy. We are undergoing a “technological transformation of energy production, distribution, and consumption to green, clean, and […]

Recycling Takes All Forms: Oyster Shells in Charleston

From the “meant to write that up a long time ago and never got to it” files comes a post about recycling in Charleston, S.C. Only in the last couple years have parts of South Carolina – such as where my sister used to live on James Island – started recycling programs in their neighborhoods […]

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