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The Green Island Effect


Manhattan. That venerable strip land between the East River and the Hudson where once Native Americans hunted and paddled through narrow canals is now a concentration of spiking concrete and steel. It’s got history and modernity; glass buildings and brick; factories and rooftop bars; brownstones and penthouses; slums and shadow worlds. It’s got winners and […]

Five Friday Facts: Central Park

Figure Five

Given my infatuation with Central Park since moving to New York City, here are a few interesting tidbits: Central Park was the first public landscaped park in all of the United States. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The Park takes up roughly 843 acres of land (6 percent of Manhattan’s […]

A Labor Day Weekend Experiment: Hypermiling with the Prius

hypermiling ebook

2nd Green Revolution co-founder Eric and I will be spending all of this Saturday and half of Sunday driving from Connecticut to Minnesota in a Prius. To read more on the background of this road trip check out Eric’s post on whether or not to take a free Prius from his sister. Is the step […]

Video: How the Tesla Model S is Made

The video says it all. What an incredible factory. After watching this, the recent lofty stock price seems a little more reasonable, with the street pricing in future potential. If Tesla can continue to crank up production, watch out. This could be every bit as big as Elon Musk’s dreams. 

New Yorkers: Con Edison Will Give You Cool Cash

conedison check

When I moved to Manhattan in June the weather was gorgeous. It is currently similarly beautiful but at one point it was sweltering. My tiny apartment had a breeze, but that wasn’t enough to sleep well. I went to the local Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a small air conditioner. They only had a […]

“New” Urinals: Clean and Green All in One?


I say “new” in quotes because Japan has had these for decades, but NPR and Latvia are calling them new innovations: sink urinals. To spell it out simply, the water used to flush the toilet comes out of a pipe at the top of the urinal – above a basin where you can wash your […]

Perfect Walkscore: Manhattan, Where Else?

Manhattan 2

It’s been a month since returning to the states from 2 years in Tokyo. Do I miss Japan? Sure, especially the food, the proximity to the rest of Asia, and the stimulating trials and challenges of being outside your home country and comfort zone. The work environment is much better here in the States, but […]

Five Friday Facts: Solar Power

Figure Five

Solar panel prices declined an astonishing 75 percent from 2008 to 2012. In the United States, solar capacity has quintupled since 2008, and grown by more than 50 times since 2000,according to US Energy Information Administration data. In 1977, solar panels cost $77 per watt. Today, they are less than a dollar per watt. Germany generated 5 […]

California Dreamin’, On Such a Smoggy Day


Yes, big improvements in air quality have been made over the last several decades. However, there is still some foul air out there, and most of it can be found in California. According to the American Lung Association’s State of the Air Report for 2013, of the top 10 areas in  the U.S. with the […]

Floating Bicycle Roundabout Opens in The Netherlands


The city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands has literally gone above and beyond in their quest to make bicycling convenient and yet compatible with car travel. With one quarter of transportation in the region done by bike, it was important to find a way that people could bike while not clogging up the A2, which […]

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