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State of the Union


President Obama gave another State of the Union recently.  These speeches give an update on major issues but often served with a twist of optimism and how we can overcome those problems.  So of course the President discussed the environment and climate change.   To be honest, I am tired of politicians talking and making speeches about climate change and other big environmental issues.  It isn’t solving anything when these environmental issues are becoming more and more problematic.  We must stop talking about climate change as a future issue when there are droughts impacting the country continuously and warm weather these past couple of winters in Colorado.  We also cannot put off the energy issue and avoid making tough decisions.

Politicians need to start making important and hard decisions to pass bills that will make changes to prevent chaos happening down the road.  Usually in instances like this I prefer to take individual action, but this isn’t the answer in this case.  Asking people to reduce their energy consumption will only work on a large scale with enforcements in place.  Either allowing a set amount of energy use per house or penalizing consumers after they use a certain amount of energy.  I am tired of all the talking without any action taking place.  I understand it will not be easy to make these decision because it will require the House and Senate working together and passing real legislation; not something that is just another quick fix or doesn’t solve anything (which seems to happen to keep both parties happy).  People need to put their partisan ways aside and decide what is best for our future, America’s future, our children’s future.  When that happens, I think these decisions will be a lot easier to make.  People may also realize that fossil fuels are not the answer since they are not sustainable and cannot be used long term.

I am interested to see what happens and see if the President actually sticks to his word.  

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