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New Year’s Resolutions

For the past few years I have been trying to take steps to be more sustainable.  It started when I was an undergraduate and joined the campus environmental group.  Recycling has always been a habit, so it wasn’t something I had to change.  I did begin riding my bike and walking everywhere possible; a college town made this easily possible.  Thank you Manhattan, KS. I then dabbled with being a vegetarian– which lasted around 3 years.  I still stick to only one meal a week that has meat.  I then started taking a closer look at what I was eating, and started to stray from packaged food.  Then began considering organic, local, seasonal foods.  Those principles have all stuck to a degree.

So this year what else can I add? I always feel I can do better to be more sustainable.  So here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Buy one of these.  I have been meaning to add something to the toilet tank to help reduce the amount of water that is used, but I need the push to make the purchase. A brick will also work if you have one lying around.
  2. Try and use less water overall.  Being more conscious when I am rinsing dishes and trying to take shorter showers are the areas I feel I can really improve on.
  3. Walk whenever possible.  The biggest challenge with this is having a child that tags along almost all the time.  Also, Denver is not necessarily the most walker friendly city.
  4. Whenever it is sunny and warm (above 60 degrees) hang clothes out to dry in the sun, over using the dryer.  This can be very helpful in saving energy since we use cloth diapers and wash them about every other day.
  5. Be more conscious of when buying products, what the waste will be from packaging or other possible wastes.  We have very limited food waste since we compost.  Each week at trash time we barely fill up half a trash bag.  But I think we could still reduce this.
  6. Reduce my chocolate consumption.  I love dark chocolate and could eat it everyday, but really should limit myself.
  7. Purchase as much local produce during the summer and freeze or can it for later use.  I hope to also do this with garden vegetables.
  8. Wait as long as possible to use the air conditioner this summer.  This past summer I was terrible at this.  I turned it on as soon as it was 75 degrees.  I was worried about my newborn son getting too hot.  Hopefully this summer will be better since I won’t have to worry as much about him overheating.  Living in a city makes this challenging with the urban heat island effect.

Feel free to take any of these ideas for your own sustainable resolutions.  Or check out this link or this one for more ideas. Let us know what your sustainable resolutions are for 2012.  Hopefully this year can be more sustainable for everyone.

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