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2012 Consumer Electronics Show to Highlight Green Tech

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) holds the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to promote growth and innovation within the consumer technology industry. Since it is the largest, and greenest, technology tradeshow in the world, we’re very excited to see what environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products will be unveiled at this year’s show, to be held January 10-13.

The eco-friendly products being promoted by companies at the tradeshow will be featured in two green exhibits. The first is the Sustainable Planet TechZone, which includes 24 companies, up from just ten in 2008. Though several of the businesses in this group specialize in electronics recycling and efficiency compliance, others may unveil some new, more fascinating products. A few companies that caught my eye were GoalZero and Nature Power Products, which sell portable battery charging kits (to charge a cell phone while hiking, for example), and Urban Green Energy, which sells residential wind turbines. Though it is not listed in the Sustainable Planet category, EcoATM will feature its patented ATM that automatically gives users cash or store vouchers in exchange for depositing used cell phones or MP3 players (featured on 2ndGreenRevolution). A website run by CEA called Greener Gadgets, which helps people recycle, purchase, and use “greener” electronics, will give away a NEST thermostat (read about it here). A handful of other companies, including Thinkeco, Tri Cascade, and Energenie sell products that monitor and/or help reduce home energy consumption.

Since electric vehicle technology has grown in importance over the past couple years, it is no surprise that the Electric Drive Transportation Association and CEA are hosting the first-ever oElectricDrive TechZone. As the name suggests, it will feature electric vehicles, as well as energy storage and charging devices. Notable exhibitors in this category include Best Buy and Mitsubishi Motors.

Besides encouraging companies to show off their green products, CES integrates sustainability into its own services and operations. CEA president and Cheif Executive Officer Gary Shapiro stated that the “green and recycling efforts at the 2012 International CES are unprecedented for the largest annual event in the western hemisphere.” In a December press release, CES said it will use more reusable and recyclable material, improve upon its past work with Repurpose America, and construct attendee badge holders from last year’s vinyl show banners. In the 2011 show, CES partnered with Repurpose America to recycle over 16 tons of material produced during the event. By working with outside contractors, last year’s overall recycling rate was increased by 9 percent to 77 percent.


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