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Graphic Worth a Thousand Words: U.S. Energy Breakdown

Relative contributions of energy sources to total U.S. energy  consumption in 2006.

Percent of total U.S. energy consumption by source in 2006.

Energy sources used to generate electricity in the United  States in 2006.

Breakdown of electricity sources (2006)

Source: National Academy of Science

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4 Responses to “Graphic Worth a Thousand Words: U.S. Energy Breakdown”

  1. Susan says:

    Somehow, I can’t enlarge these graphics, and they are tiny.

  2. Thanks for catching this, Susan. Try it now. It should enlarge.

  3. DrGeneNelson says:

    There are huge discrepancies between the percentages shown in the large pie chart and the much smaller pie chart.  Why?

  4. 2ndgreenJM says:

    Thanks for your question. The captions don’t quite line up, but the difference is that the smaller one is total energy consumption in the entire U.S. by energy source. The one on the right is the breakdown of electricity generation. In other words, nuclear energy provides 8% of the total energy consumed in the U.S. Since it is only used for electricity generation, it can be seen that 19.4% of electricity is generated via nuclear fission. I hope this makes sense.

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