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Product Review: Bum Genius Cloth Diapers

Here’s the thing no one tells you about disposal diapers, they stink! Yeah, I know, dirty diapers smell, but that’s the thing. In two months of using Bum Genius’ cloth diapers, I have been pretty amazed that the dirty diapers do not smell. In fact, they do an excellent job of wicking away moisture from my infant son. Because of this and the suppressed smell, each diaper can be worn longer than a disposable one. Furthermore, Bum Genius diapers are easy to clean (we do not pre-wash them and they come out sans stains).

While the upfront cost may be prohibitive (the diapers are sold in packs of two on for $35.99), they have a number of benefits, along with a few drawbacks. In the first few weeks of life, my son was too small for the reusable diapers so we had to outfit him in disposables. The number of trash bags filled with diapers was astounding. Instead of throwing out the trash every week to two weeks, we had nearly daily trips to the dumpster. Estimates from the EPA claim that 3.1 million tons or 1.4% of municipal solid waste in the US is attributed to diapers.

However, the reusable diapers have caused a noticeable uptick in our energy bill (roughly $15 per month). Although we have an Energy Star rated washing machine, the hot water and extra rinse cycle consume more energy and water. The outer shell does not need to be dried. Instead, they air dry quickly. The liners, on the other hand, do go through a dryer cycle.

Yet to be seen is how well the diapers will hold up through the next two years. The agitation from the washing machine and the hot water required to sanitize the diapers will cause greater wear and tear on the diapers. In addition, the velcro stay that inhibits the diaper from sticking to the rest of the laundry has already shown signs of wear. At roughly $40 per box of 200+ diapers at Costco or Sam’s Club, we need to use each diaper nearly 100 times to break even. With the use of cloth wipes though, we have little need for disposable wipes and wash the cloth wipes along with the diapers.

Overall we’ve been very pleased with the Bum Genius line. Instead of using our laundry detergent though, we will switch over to their brand to help ensure the longevity of our diapers.

– Eric Wilson

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6 Responses to “Product Review: Bum Genius Cloth Diapers”

  1. Kelsey says:

    Good luck with the cloth diapering. You may want to check out some one size diapers that snap. The velcro on the BG’s will not hold up for 200 + washes. I have recently tried the Kissaluvs Marvel One Size All in One and they are awesome.

  2. Eric Wilson says:


    Thanks for the comment. Something seemed off in my original calculation. I did not have the correct price for the box of diapers. Accounting for the accurate price, it should take about half as many uses to make the money back on the diapers. A box of 216 costs $40+, not $20, leading to the erroneous calculation. As for the velcro stay, I called the company and they said the part is covered for 1 year and we can send back the ones that are no longer remaining clasped in the washing machine.

  3. Kerry_girardin says:

    Well, did you get 100 uses per diaper?

  4. Eric Wilson says:


    We’re still using them. I would say we’re at about 60-70 uses thus far and going strong. We seem to wash them every four or five days. Thanks for asking!

  5. Eric Wilson says:


    I thought this reply was posted last week, but I don’t see it. Anyway, we’re somewhere in the 60-70 range and going strong. On the occasion we have to use disposal, we’re always glad to come back to the washable, despite the cleanup that is needed from time to time.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t use the sanitize cycle on your PUL lined diapers. It will wear out the elastic and not to mention delaminate your water proof liner (PUL). The normal hot cycle is more than enough to get your diapers clean, just always make sure you do an extra rinse. Also, if you really want to get them clean with without using bleach you can line dry them outside in the sun. The sun naturally bleaches them and helps get out any stains if there are any. Glad to hear you made a switch! We love cloth over here! :)

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