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Four Seasons Hotel to Test Electricity Generating Driveway

Four-Seasons-Washington-Four-Seasons-Hotel-Washington-FourSeasonsExteriorFrom WTOP News comes news that the Four Seasons Hotel ( in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. is testing out a technology that will generate electricity from kinetic energy captured by the cars moving on its driveway. Burtonsville, MD based New Energy Technologies is the company behind the innovative idea to harness energy. Chief executive officer Meetesh Patel remarks, “We’re creating a completely new technology that is capturing electricity from cars that are already moving on the road” and that the MotionPower technology will capture power from cars that are slowing down and will help those cars slow down. Drivers will feel as if they are driving over rumble strips. Patel goes on to point out that there is huge potential for clean energy using the kinetic energy from the 250 million registered cars in the U.S. The company is also testing out their product at a Burger King’s drive through lane in New Jersey.

It is heartening to see so much creativity going into the clean energy field. Japan has run similar experiments to see whether it can transfer the energy from millions of people walking through its subway turnstiles into electricity. So far, that idea isn’t viable. While some ideas will fail, there will be a few that are truly revolutionary. It is too early to tell whether MotionPower will truly be able to generate enough electricity to be worthwhile, but for the time being New Energy Technologies gets credit for innovation. Once we visit the site, we’ll report back.

– Justin Manger

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